Introduction to solutions

CDHORIZON neo-scaffolding system mainly include φ48 and φ60 disk-lock steel tubular scaffolds and galvanized steel tubular scaffolds with couplers, with a material inventory of nearly 720,000 tons. It is oriented to the construction of municipal projects, industrial projects, civil projects, special projects, and etc., to meet the personalized construction needs of different customers. We can provide customers with integrated scaffolding system engineering services including solution design, project implementation, material management, etc. for various large-scale, high-quality projects. So far, the scaffolding system possesses professional constructor management teams and construction teams, who are certified and experienced, and can solve safety, progress and quality problems for customers on-site.

Application Scenarios


  • Plant Construction

  • Municipal Projects

  • Building Construction Projects

  • Rail Transit

Core Advantages

  • Leading Asset Scale

    Top-ranking equipment holdings and a complete range of materials to ensure one-stop product supply for engineering construction

  • Professional Construction Technologies

    Self-developed long-span steel strut and beam system with formwork support solve various construction challenges facing customers

  • Sufficient Material Supply

    R&D and production bases in Shanghai secure efficient provision of materials through a perfect engineering materials service process

  • Numerous Service Locations

    More than 300 locations spread all over China allow quick services for engineering construction

Benchmark Cases

Nanjing Niushou Mountain Dome Project

The top of the building is irregularly curved with varying heights

The foundation is natural ground with varying bearing capacity

The frame height is designed according to the structural characteristics

The implementation plan is prepared according to the bearing capacity of foundation

Accurate estimation of construction period in days are needed for successful completion of the project

Beijing Daxing International Airport Project

Large beams and thick slabs result in large load, along with varying frame height

The project is divided into 8 zones which shall start construction at the same time to meet the deadline

48 series systems are adopted, with square steel pipes as the main keel and independent upright rods for beams and slabs

The beams and slab structures are connected with horizontal rods to improve safety and stability

Perfect construction plan and frame body calculation are needed for passing expert evaluation

Hefei BOE Project

Standard frame-structure plants consume massive   materials and labors if built in the traditional way

High beam installation formworks start from the   second floor, and the top of the first floor adopts a flat slab structure

The 60 series system is adopted, along with three   keels of square steel pipe, 150 aluminum beam, and 185 aluminum beam. I-beam   is laid on the top of the first floor top as the upright tube pivot point, to   transfer load to the main frame beam

Improved construction efficiency and saved   material and labor cost at the same time

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