Shenyang Jingdong

Project Information:

Project Date:June 2015

Project Location:East China, South China and North China

Project Name:Logistics and warehousing-Jingdong Warehouse

Project Solution: Forklifts are rented on short and long-term bases to meet the demands of the client in different stages

Introduction: is the largest private e-commerce enterprise in China. At persent, Jingdong Group is in charge of the JD Mall, JD Finance,, JD Intelligent, O2O and Overseas Business Unit. In May 2014, Jingdong was officially listed on National Association of Securities Deal Automated Quotations (NASDAQ) (stock code: JD) as the 1st large comprehensive e-commerce platform successfully listed in USA. It is also in the global top 10 Internet companies with Tencent, Baidu and other Internet giants of China. During the 6.18 and 11.11 promotions, the self-owned forklifts of Jingdong can't meet the use demands while newly purchased ones may be idle in off season, resulting in high operating costs. Therefore, the client chose to rent equipment from CDHORIZON to solve the problem of insufficient equipment during the boom season and effectively reduce the operating cost. With superior services, equipment in good conditions, low fault rate and rapid response, the Company is recognized by the client.
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